Crystal gazing

Being in Nature puts me in touch with my soul. However we each describe and define the experience, being in Nature can be peaceful, awe-inspiring, calming, joyous, expansive, or transformative.

I believe the soul resides in Nature.

Looking through the transparent window of a quartz crystal immediately transports me into a pristine sanctuary that has been untouched for millions of years. Within the stone is an impeccably preserved artifact of creation, documenting the evolution of our planet, frozen in time. Or is it frozen time itself? Created millions of years ago and virtually unchanged, abstract combinations of crystallized mineral formations conspired to congeal into masterpieces of texture and light.

Traversing the gemscapes of a large transparent crystal requires only your eyes to submerge below the surface. The crystal appears bigger as you go inside. An internal terrain of shapes, textures, and mineralized formations has laid itself down for an eternity; the silence within is palpable. The mind wants to understand what you are looking at, but without accessible answers, the brain downshifts to imagination, as you joyride through shimmering gateways inside of the crystal’s transparent majesty. There you witness luminance exposing the interior of solid matter.

It is mind-boggling to think that you are peering into matter so dense that it is harder than steel. And yet because of the crystal’s transparency, the eye can grasp a virtual Jurassic Park of prehistory, preserved for all to see. A single moment contains the imprint of all time. Each crystal is its own museum that requires only appreciation as its entrance fee.

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