On Crystal Wands – Instruments of Consciousness

On Crystal Wands

Instruments of Consciousness


by Lawrence Stoller



Crystal wands are captivating.

How else can one explain how some of the densest and hardest matter on Earth can be filled with transparency and light?

They fit in the palm of the hand, yet inhabit an archetypal niche in our human psyches. Throughout the world crystal wands are used as tools for resonant technologies, as well as being companions with enchanting powers.

I am a crystal artisan and lapidary. Thousands of crystals have passed through my hands and studio, where we transform latent crystal from rough and tumbled raw potential to being dynamic, energized, and alive. I have cut crystals for healers and art collectors, for technological applications, for rock hounds, rock stars, mineral collectors, gurus, meditators, for beauty itself, and for fun.

Marcel Vogel’s pioneering research demonstrated that crystals, shaped into an optimal form, can be used as an effective tool to amplify, focus, and move electromagnetic energy from a practitioner to “another” for the purpose of uplifting resonance and healing.

Because crystals amplify consciousness, in addition to being a tool, they can also be enjoyed in a relationship that bridges the human and mineral kingdoms: This is the focus of my work.

Crystal wands are used in different ways. In technology, natural crystals are used as “seeds” to be re-grown into synthetic crystals, and then cut into different configurations for technological applications. While synthetic quartz can be used as a tool to perform all the same piezoelectric functions of moving energy, it lacks the “‘soul’” or consciousness that inhabits a natural crystal that has incubated in earth for eons and was birthed by Nature.

Quartz is an oscillator that amplifies, focuses, condenses, and moves electromagnetic energy, a function of its piezoelectric properties.

For personal energy work, crystals can be used as tools similar to the way they are used in technology—to move and restructure energy.

What is the best configuration for a crystal wand to move energy?

If we were manufacturing hammers we would engineer an optimal design and then make each one from the same mold. But natural crystals are an inorganic life form. And while a crystal can be used as a tool to move electromagnetic energy, it also has its own unique properties of being that can add an enhanced quality of synergy to the work. So when cutting, I work with the crystal to enhance and express its individuality and power potential. I have worked with thousands of crystals, never having cut two exactly the same way. After concentrated hours of work if it isn’t resonating like a finely tuned instrument, I go back and re-tune it.

Of course some crystals need no cutting at all. But some crystals can be activated by the cutting process. While crystals may look similar, each natural crystal has its own unique character. They are not inanimate objects. Is there one geometric formula for cutting that suits all crystals? Of course not! To cut all crystals with the same rigid procedure would rob the crystal of its individual character and could diminish its ability to flow energy.

Crystal wands are commonly cut in 4-, 6-, 8-, or 12-sided shapes, and sometimes more. Each different configuration of angles will create a different harmonic in the way the energy moves through the crystal.

As in technology, crystals for personal use are cut into many shapes and configurations and for a variety of purposes. Looking at a crystal will reveal some of its character, but with sensitivity one can tell immediately if a crystal is in tune and balanced with the way it is cut or not. Does it feel vibrant and alive, or flat and dormant?

Before cutting I make sure that I have the crystal’s permission to change its form (after millions of years). This respects its individual nature. Forcing a crystal into a shape can be hard on the cutter as well as the stone. Thus crystal cutting should be approached with an integrated knowledge of crystalline geometry combined with a sense of being guided and attuned to the dynamism of the individual gem. We work together as the hard diamond grinding tools and polishing process transform the ancient crystal body into pristine frozen light. If it is respected in the cutting process, the finished crystal will awaken, to become a wonderful friend and ally. From this relationship other dimensions can open.

In the end, what is most important in choosing a crystal wand is how does the crystal feel to you: is it happy, does it sing, do you resonate with it? If in the cutting process the crystal is respected by precise adherence to the cutting of its angles and polish, and if the form of the crystal is aligned with its nature, then you have a wonderfully tuned instrument, an activated crystal. Cared for, respected, and used as an instrument to enhance the quality of one’s life, such a crystal can be a lifelong tool, companion, and friend.

I go into more depth on this and other subjects in my coffee-table book

FROZEN LIGHT – The Eternal Beauty of Crystals (www.crystalworks.com).

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