Did the first caveperson to encounter a shiny, transparent quartz crystal use it as a tool, a hammering device to break open a shell or someone’s head? Or rather was the impetus of the first encounter between human and crystal one of wonderment and fascination for the play of light? A rock having the transparency to see one’s hand on the other side: how magical this must have been.

Shadow Hands

So was it survival instinct or the transcendent experience of beauty and wonder that motivated our early ancestors to begin a relationship with the quartz crystal? I suspect a bit of both. The lore of crystals predates modern scientific investigation by thousands of years. Legends abound of giant crystals being used as energy generators, and sacred monuments in Temples of Knowing in the ancient legendary civilizations of Lemuria,  Atlantis, and Sirius.

Gathering of the Elders

Stories of crystal cities, fortune tellers and crystal-ball scrying, telepathic transmitting devices, shamanistic ritual practices, and dreamers’ companions, as well as the royal and precious traditions of gems, have captivated our consciousness throughout the ages.  And whether they are regarded as fact or fiction, these legends and beliefs do exist as part of our collective mythology.

Orbital Globe

Growing up with these myths compelled me to want to know more about crystals, including modern science and technology, mineralogy, lore and legend, art forms, meditation, and resonance healing modalities.  Why have crystals acquired the labels of magical and mystical?  When does a myth become a reality? And why are they symbols of power? By the teasing out of the essential knowledge from each of these fields of the crystal experience, a grand tableau begins to form.

Changing Faces



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