Musings of a cosmic geological dreamer…

To investigate theories of evolution, creation, and the nature of reality is illuminating.
To wonder, challenge, reassess, upgrade, and change my own beliefs is freeing.

Observation: Crystals may be the first (silica-based) entities to inhabit Earth —
Inseminated, incubated, gestated, born, and grown.  A concentrated mass of silica, fertilized with a supersaturated sperm of oxygen and assorted molecules, tempered in the furnace of a subterranean womb.
Cultivated in a nurturing environment, they congealed from gravitational forces, and the exotic forces of electrical attraction, accessing the dimension of time to gestate and grow.
Crystals symbolize the eternal on Earth. Before the first crystalline structures grew, time can only be imagined in the broadest brushstrokes, using universal and galactic increments. With the formation of crystals comes the concept of measuring change on Earth by the growth of this primordial life form. Why did they manifest in the skin of our freshly formed planet?

An evolutionary quantum leap, a departure from the metamorphic, volcanic gurgitations that the formative planet belched forth during its genesis. Crystals grow with a sophisticated lattice that bares the DNA of a divine intelligence. Crystallized minerals are manifest geometric forms, an organized structure of matter in the paradigm of a fractal universe. They form from a complex design, both repeatable and predictable, yet each one possesses individual characteristics. Before there were eyes to see, their transparent crystalline bodies became vessels holding vibrant concentrations of primal, eternal color. The intelligence that fashioned these minerals used them as starter batter, blueprints for a continuum of evolution. And after millions of years of stillness, these aboriginal crystal inhabitants were joined by evolving plants and trees, to share Terra Firma with carbon-based (organic) life forms, who in turn are composed of organic, mineral-based compounds: One life form begetting a new cycle of life.



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