A Relationship based on communication.

We begin a relationship, the crystal and I, committing to the work of finding its highest expression. Before we begin working, I connect by touching and exploring, examining the history of its worn and broken surfaces, peeking inside, where its beauty lies still. I admire it. The inspiration is combustible. We agree about the work to be done, and I envision a blueprint of its potential form. I won’t make a cut until I feel a “yes” fill my body, clearing me to proceed. To change the state a stone has been in for millions of years can be daunting, yet also serious fun.

It is my task to elicit beauty from matter. The crystal trusts me.

To assume the crystal is an inert clod of earth with which I can have my way feels like artistic chauvinism. The diamond-cutting tools I use can disfigure in seconds what took aeons to create. Working a crystal demands full immersion, concentration, and commitment to the task. It requires that I surrender, with a clear mind and spirit, to the art. The crystal knows if I have other agendas and will apply any means necessary to get my attention. I respect it as consciousness, alive. While there are specific angles and geometries that will enhance the energy flow through a crystal, there is no fixed, predetermined geometry that can be applied as an absolute in the cutting process. There are rules I follow, until the disposition of a crystal dictates changing them. To believe that all crystals should be cut according to a predetermined formula (like a faceted gem) disregards the fact that they each have their own character and individual identity. While it is simpler to cut homogeneous shapes and sizes, I seek the individual’s personality and singular beauty.

There are, however, very exacting angle configurations that Nature has instituted with unbending consistency. I have great respect for this sacred geometry. Augmenting the geometry of the crystal can maximize the movement of energy.

Beauty is a primal force, emanating from, and amplified by, the crystal. I focus on activating the flow and force of beauty.

Imagine a dusty, rolled-up canvas painted by a Renaissance master has just been found in a hidden alcove of a castle basement in Italy. Before it was found, as far as our world is concerned, it never existed. But after it is discovered and the dust of centuries wiped free, its authenticity is validated; it is restored and preserved, framed by experts, and then presented to the world for humanity to treasure. Similarly, the work of presenting a crystal frames, activates, and preserves a masterpiece of Nature to be enjoyed by those who have the opportunity to experience it.

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