My work is collaborative.

With great appreciation, I offer my gratitude to those who have worked with me to bring the labors of my art to life. Their help is integral and fundamental, and it is reflected in the beauty of each piece.

My wife Sunni is my partner and collaborator, who has fashioned a life with me that is mirrored in the art we live.

Timothy Turco and Ingred Mrensco have mastered the lapidary arts, and their dedication to excellence echoes throughout this website.

Justin Kelcheck, Peter W. Small (no longer with us), and Roy Swan have lent their artistry to the foundry bronze work that so beautifully presents the crystals as works of art.

Photography is its own art form. Getting the three- dimensional crystals (and bases) to speak in two- dimensional photography is a challenging process, and the person who has clicked the most shutter for this site is Gary Alvis.

My appreciation extends to Mukti Silberfein, Seth Silberfein, and Casey Kerwin for their dedicated contributions at CrystalWorks.


Gary Alvis
Wernher Krutein
Erica & Harold Van Pelt
Jeff Scoval
Bill Kaunitz
L. Stoller
Sunni Kerwin
Seth Silberfein

From left to right: Back Row: Timothy Turco, Justin Kelcheck, Gary Alvis, Seth Silberfein, Ryan Hamilton, Mukti Silberfein and Casey Kerwin. Front Row: Ingrid Mrensco, "The Golden One", Lawrence Stoller and Sunni Kerwin.